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Updated: October 1, 2023
Tribestan Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
You may have heard of Tribulus Terrestris even if you don’t know what it is. It’s a plant that’s been used as a testosterone booster for centuries. Tribulus is a type of plant containing a chemical called herbolestane, and it’s based on the herb’s ability to boost testosterone levels in men and women.


Tribestan is a dietary supplement made from Tribulus Terrestris, an herb whose name means “male goat’s beard”. Tribulus is a member of the Zygophyllaceae family, which is native to the Middle East and South Asia. Tribulus Terrestris is regarded as one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Its active constituents are steroidal saponins, including a growth factor and a lutein saponin (a compound that affects the female reproductive system). Tribulus has been used since ancient times in medicine.


How does Tribestan work?

Tribestan is a supplement that has been in the news because of its use by the Bulgarian weightlifter and bodybuilder, Ivan Christov. Christov claims that Tribestan improves muscle growth, improves physical strength, and helps one to get a leaner look. It has not been approved for use by the FDA however, since it hasn’t been clinically tested for safety and efficacy.


Tribestan is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that is being studied for its potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and obesity. Tribestan is also being studied for its potential to improve cognitive function, memory, and sexual function.


What does Tribestan treat?

Tribestan is a product consisting of Terrestris Tribulus extract (TTX) and is produced by Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma. TTX is an extract of the plant Tribulus Terrestris (known as Chinese yohimbe, Indian ginkgo, Indonesian tongkat ali, west African Shepherd’s Club, and as a number of other names). The plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. The main active compounds of TTX are an alkaloid known as isoflavone-7-O-beta-D-glucoside Terrestris.


Tribestan is a natural extract of the Tribulus plant. It is prepared from the dried rhizome of the plant which is cultivated in Bulgaria, and contains a unique collection of biologically active substances.


What is Tribestan used for?

Tribestan is a natural supplement that is manufactured in Bulgaria, and it is one of the few herbs that is approved by the FDA for sale in the US. Its main active component is probably Tribulus Terrestris.


Tribestan is a Tribulus Terrestris extract standardized with anabolic steroidal hormones DHT (Dimethandrolone) and Melanax (Anadrol). What does that mean? Its main active ingredient – Tribulus Terrestris – is known as a potent testosterone booster. However, DHT and Melanax are not steroids and they are not anabolic. DHT and Melanax increase the availability of the male hormone androgen (testosterone).


What dosages does Tribestan come in?

Tribestan is a unique product to emerge on the market. It is the first product of its kind that has received a pre-market approval. Tribestan is an extract of Tribulus Terrestris, a natural product that has a long history of use in eastern medicine. Its scientific name is Tribulus Terrestris (L.). It is also known as Panax Ginseng.


Tribestan is the only of the four products included in the Tribestan family to contain no pro-testosterone effects and no testosterone-like androgens. This is the product that supports healthy testosterone production.


Is Tribestan harmful?

Tribestan is a popular dietary supplement that is available in over 30 countries. It is supposed to assist in the treatment of a variety of conditions.


The world of herbs and supplements has been full of “miracle cures” for centuries. By definition, however, a miracle is a rare, magical occurrence that cannot be explained in any way by normal scientific methods. As a result, most of the herbal supplements that have been used in traditional medicine over the centuries have never been proven to have any effect whatsoever on human health.


How to use it?

The Tribestan is a natural product made from the fruit of the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris (T. Terrestris) plant. The plant grows in the Caucasus Mountains. This plant is also known as the Butler’s broom. This plant has been known to improve sexual function, increase testosterone levels, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and heart diseases. (There are some reports of side effects, so please consult with your doctor before taking this product.)


Tribestan is the latest and most effective testosterone boosting supplement on the market today. It is a brand new product from Sopharma, a Bulgarian company that has been producing and marketing such products for more than 10 years. Tribestan contains Tribulus Terrestris, a plant extract that has been extensively studied. It has been shown to boost the levels of testosterone in both men and women.


How to take Tribestan?

Tribestan is a natural source of active ingredient called “Tribulus Terrestris”. Tribulus Terrestris is also known as “Chinese Everlasting”, “Chuan Xiong” and “Penjing”. Tribulus Terrestris is a dicotyledonous herb belonging to the genus Ziziphus. It is a perennial herb and grows wild in many parts of Asia. It is also a common weed in many parts of the world, including in the United States, Europe, Australia and Africa. It is also illegal to cultivate Tribulus Terrestris in the United States.


Tribestan is a mixture of three main plant extracts: Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that produces a steroid hormone, which causes an increase in testosterone; L-arginine, a precursor needed to produce the hormone; and Tribulus Terrestris extract, a plant extract which has been identified as a source of a steroid hormone called Dihydrotriazine. Because Tribulus Terrestris is a natural source of compounds known as steroidal saponins, Tribestan is said to work by increasing the production of these steroidal saponins (i.e., Dihydrotriazine) in the body.


Side Effects of Tribestan

Tribestan is a natural product that has the same active ingredient as that found in DHEA. This is DHEA Dehydroepiandrosterone (also known as DHEA or DHEA-S). DHEA is one of the hormones that is produced in the adrenal glands of both men and women, and its main function is the production of sex hormones, particularly testosterone.


Tribestan is a plant-derived ingredient that has been used in the traditional treatment of diseases and disorders in Bulgaria since the middle ages. It has been used since ancient times as a natural remedy, and today it is widely used to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions.


Where to buy Tribestan?

Tribestan is a herbal medicine derived from the plant Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean countries, Africa and Asia. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and has many health benefits.


Tribestan, a plant-derived plant steroid hormone, has been used for a long time in the world of sports medicine for recovery after intense exercise.

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